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Yoga, as never before !

with an immersive experience

Come, unravel your 5 Koshas' with an experience of a lifetime.


All About Kosha 5 Yoga Studio

Kosha 5 Yoga Studio's mission is to help honor the 5 different Koshas through a variety of classes and experience. We want the Yoga tribe and our community to celebrate life and offer experiences in that direction. Our mission is to make Yoga accessible to all individuals regardless of their background. We want to open our doors to people of all races, orientations, demographics, etc., and offer the practice keeping in mind the individual's long-term emotional and physical well-being and adopt a holistic approach towards fitness and emotional health. The studio will embrace the techniques of Yoga as prescribed in the ancient scriptures and adapt them to meet the needs of modern society.

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One for each Kosha

Anandamaya     Vijnanamaya     Manomaya     Pranamaya     Annamaya


B L I S S  ( Mixed levels )

'coz yoga transports you to your happy place !

Unravel your Anandamaya kosha, your point of eternal bliss, with an immersive transportive experience. We take you on a journey where movement, breath, peace, mindfulness culminates into a sheer 65 mins of ecstasy.

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Contact Us

229 E Commonwealth Ave Ste C, Fullerton, CA 92832, USA

(949) 307-8226

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