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Why Kosha5?

Guiding Priciples

Have you ever had an experience where you feel totally alive in the moment and every part of you feels full of joy and happiness? Where you feel in perfect alignment with the world around you? Inside of these moments, did you experience a sense of being your truest self? That is the sort of bliss that the ancient system of Koshas says lay inside the core of each of us.


The system of the 5 Koshas is a way of looking at the world and self that can be enjoyed by people of all beliefs, gender, race, or creed. By combining this internal map with the power of yoga and meditation, we believe that we’ve discovered a secret sauce that you’re going to love!

  • Honoring the five koshas for sustainable health and joy

  • Providing a culture of Inclusiveness for the community

  •  Making our students feel seen -loved-wanted

  • Celebration of our bodies on the mat

  • Empowerment based practice

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