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meet our team !

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Zarfeen Samani


Yoga has given purpose to my life, and I am honored to share the true essence of Yoga through Kosha 5 Yoga Studio with my community. Born and raised in India, after completing my double Bachelors in Education and Literature from my home country,  I got my diploma in the Paralegal program from UCI. I am a 1200-hour Yoga Therapist(IAYT) and Instructor(RYT) and have completed subsequent certifications in Trauma-informed teacher training, Grovvy Kids yoga teacher training, and Meditation teacher training. What I enjoy most is being a mother to a 15-year-old boy and feeling fully alive with his presence in my life. For me, traveling is euphoric and necessary, and, much like Yoga, allows exploration of diverse cultures, food, and people.


Sara Ashworth


I am Sara, and I’m looking forward to sharing my yoga practice with you. I have had a lifelong love for healing through movement. I received my master's degree in movement therapy from UCLA in 1993. I continued on to become a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. I have taught yoga in yoga studios, fitness centers, and backyard patios. I am also certified in prenatal yoga and massage.  In my spare time, I spend time with my two boys, who are 20 and 22. I love going to the beach, hiking, and trying new restaurants


Hala Joudi


Immerse yourself in the world of mindful movement with Hala, a 500 RYT instructor and devoted philosophy lover who graduated in the heart of yoga, India. Boasting a background in psychology, Hala’s yoga journey has been continuous and unwavering since the moment she first stepped onto the mat, enriched by 5 years of teaching experience. Specializing in the seamless fusion of Ashtanga and Iyengar, Hala’s classes also offer the serenity of Yin, encouraging surrender and embracing change.


Artis Smith


Artis began his yoga journey June the 6th 2013 at 12:00p.m when he took his first class. After that experience he was hooked! He began taking multiple classes daily. Within a year he was doing his teacher training and received his 200hr teaching certification at Atma Bodha Yoga in Virginia Beach VA in 2014. He taught for about five years in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. He teaches Vinyasa, Beginner yoga, meditation, pranayama and yogic philosophy.  Artis believes the true path to happiness is through service to others.


Jessica Kelly


Growing up involved in many sports, I found myself to be fast-paced and competitive. After discovering yoga in 2010, my mind was opened to a world of peace and acceptance. It is this fundamental shift in my worldview that inspires me to teach others. I hope that through my instruction students can find this same sense of being and take it with them into their daily lives.


Chidimma Iheonu


I started practicing yoga over ten years ago and had no idea what I was getting into! After trying my first class, I immediately fell in love with it. The ability to challenge myself, while working at my own pace and without expectations was a breath of fresh air. I found yoga to be a continual practice of learning and growth while engaging with my body and mind. I decided to take the leap to teach, and hold certifications in Power/Vinyasa Yoga (200 hours), Yin Yoga (60 hours), and Sound Therapy/Healing. I love helping others find a practice that feels best for them in a fun, grounded, and relaxing way. I’ll see you on the mat!


Jennifer Ryan


In my quest to deal with stress, I began taking the practice of yoga seriously in 2018 and fell in love with how it made me feel. In 2021, I completed 200 hours of teacher training. As I immersed myself in the practice and philosophy of yoga, I realized that its holistic approach had the potential to alleviate stress and anxiety. In class, I attempt to weave together the elements of breath, movement, meditation, and mindfulness, encouraging students to foster a deeper connection with their inner selves, release stress from the body, and embrace a state of profound relaxation. I believe that by nurturing the seeds of tranquility within each individual, we can collectively cultivate a more peaceful and balanced world, one breath at a time.


Fann Geoghegan


Finding comfort in the body you've been given has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Having been a dancer into my 20's, a certified fitness instructor through NASM, and a musician, I found so many people including myself having little confidence in what their bodies are truly capable of accomplishing. Having all the facts and information to help to teach others, it wasn't until I went to Hawaii on a women's retreat or what I like to call “spiritual rehab” is where I found my souls purpose to become a yoga instructor. Connecting the mind and body through breath and movement, while explaining proper alignment with modifications has been the most fulfilling part of teaching. I look forward to you joining my classes and guiding you back to comfort within yourself and your spirit.


Jessica Lee


Jessica is a certified Classical Mat Pilates Instructor, and STOTT Pilates trained for the reformer. Her passion for Pilates, Yoga and wellness grew after experiencing a low back injury in 2020. Pilates has motivated her to share her knowledge of physical activity post-back injury, and she is dedicated to sharing this with the community. Jessica believes that movement is medicine and essential for living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. 

Jessica is also a Recruiting Coach for aspiring management consultants. She received her B.A. in Communication Studies at UCLA and is a Southern California native. In her spare time, she loves to hike local trails, cook, and take her two-year-old pup poodle mix Hazel to the park.


Madonna Cortez


I am a registered nurse and a certified yoga teacher. I decided to begin my journey by completing my 200-hour teacher training to deepen my practice and learn more about myself. After graduating from the program, I found my purpose and felt a strong urge to teach and spread the benefits of yoga to the community. Yoga is truly for everyone. There are many benefits to practicing yoga that go beyond the mat. What yoga is to me is giving yourself time to improve your well-being and self-awareness.  It is truly a blessing to be able to share the gift of yoga, and I am excited to teach and share a safe space with you all.


Shelley Rae Davis


I'm Shelley, a certified barre instructor passionate about health and wellness. My journey into the fitness world has been shaped by my love for ballet, which I've studied for years. This passion for movement, grace, and strength led me to pursue certification as a barre instructor. I blend ballet, Pilates, and yoga elements to create dynamic and effective workouts.

I focus my efforts on understanding of anatomy and a commitment to helping others reach their goals, I strive to create inclusive and empowering fitness experiences for all levels of participants. I'm dedicated to helping people discover the joy of movement and unlock their full potential, both on and off the mat.


Jason Sean


My name is Jason Sean and I am a Cambodian American yoga Teacher born and raised in Long Beach, CA. I have been practicing for 5 years after I hurt my back and my Doctor told me that Yoga was the only exercise I was allowed to do. From starting yoga I’ve learned to build back my back and balance not only my physical self, but my Mental Health as well. I love helping people push past what they feel their limits are. I love doing arm balances and hope to get people to trust in themselves to try them as well.


Sydney Dees


I started practicing yoga in 2017 from YouTube videos and shortly after got my 200 YTT certification at the Hatha Hawaii School of Yoga on Oahu! I have taught in Hawaii, North Carolina, and have returned to my home town of Orange County, California to spread yoga teachings here. I believe yoga can benefit everyone, helping us connect to ourselves and the world around us.

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Lynette Eusebio


I’ve been practicing yoga since 2011, received my 200 hr certification in 2012 and completed an extensions program in 2013. I put a lot of thought into developing sequences that can create a feeling of bliss and strength through words, breath, music, and movement. My goal is for each student to feel a sense of empowerment and confidence in each class. Yoga is where I constantly fall back on; it is my foundation for building strength, flexibility, and clarity. Yoga allows me to feel grounded in my body and mind. I am here to help set you up for success in your yoga journey, and feel empowered. I am extremely grateful to share this space on the mat and go on a journey with you.

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