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meet our team !


Zarfeen Samani


Yoga has given meaning to my existence, and I am honored to share the true essence of Yoga through Kosha 5 Yoga Studio with my community. I am a 500 hr teacher and have completed subsequent certifications in Trauma-informed teacher training, Grovvy Kids yoga teacher training, and Meditation teacher training. My 850 hr certification from the Yoga Therapy program in 2023 opens up a new horizon for me to help heal the community using the ancient tools of Yoga through lifestyle maintenance.
What I enjoy most is being a mother to a 14-year-old boy and feeling fully alive with his presence in my life. For me, traveling is euphoric and necessary, and, much like Yoga, allows exploration of diverse cultures, food, and people.




Pegah is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Breath Coach. Pegah has earned an E-RYT 300 certificate and 85 hours of prenatal yoga training. She has always had a passion and love for expressing herself through mindful movement. Pegah has been teaching Vinyasa Flow, Gravity Yoga, Beginner Yoga, and Yoga for Women's Health. Pegah is known for her creative, inclusive, and inspiring teaching style. As a result of her teaching style, students have been able to gain balance, flexibility, mobility, and strength. In her view, all of these factors are vital for maintaining a healthy and youthful body. She strives to leave each student stepping off the mat feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and at ease.




Vanessa has been a yogi since 2020; she fell in love with both the physical practice and philosophy of living. Vanessa has been an avid fitness enthusiast for ten years and a dance instructor for two years. 

She recently received her yoga instructor certification in November 2022. She believes it is an honor and privilege to be a guide to students in their Yoga journey.


Hala Joudi


Experience the profound wisdom of yoga with Hala. A devoted hatha yoga instructor who holds deep reverence for the ancient practice. By emphasizing mindful alignment and breath awareness.


Stephanie Arriaga


My name is Stephanie and I have been practicing yoga since 2015 in my native California. I was introduced to yoga by a good friend and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. Yoga has allowed me to be more present in my life and helped me move in ways I never thought I could. In 2019, I moved to Portland, Oregon, and had the opportunity to teach yoga to Jiu-Jitsu students out there as well as explore the beautiful outdoors. I truly believe yoga is beneficial for all bodies and love sharing the gift of yoga in a safe, non-judging environment. I love traveling, listening to music, eating good food, and spending time with my husband and puppies. I’m very happy to be back in my home state and look forward to sharing space with you all! 


Monica Nguyen


The first time I stepped on my yoga mat was back in high school when my mom brought me to her weekly gym yoga classes. I immediately fell in love with how it provided me with emotional stability, physical improvement, and long-term well-being. My ultimate goal in life is to help people improve their lives. Fast forward 10 years later...and you can find me in the hospital as a nurse/nurse practitioner, healing my patients externally or teaching yoga, striving to heal my students internally.

Steph Wang - Bio.jpeg

Steph Wang


I began my yoga practice in 2016. It wasn’t a consistent practice at the start though it was something I’d always return to. Through the ebbs and flows of life - career changes, moving around - I’d come back to yoga, and yoga became my anchor. Yoga is a practice, a practice of returning home. I completed my 200hr YTT in 2023. I believe yoga is for anyone and everyone and can be done anywhere and everywhere. I teach yoga because I want to create peace. I believe inner peace leads to world peace. I want to create peace for those I love and for those I have yet to meet. Outside of a yoga studio, you can find me snowboarding, playing tennis, swimming, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.




I am a registered nurse and a certified yoga teacher. I decided to begin my journey by completing my 200-hour teacher training to deepen my practice and learn more about myself. After graduating from the program, I found my purpose and felt a strong urge to teach and spread the benefits of yoga to the community. Yoga is truly for everyone. There are many benefits to practicing yoga that go beyond the mat. What yoga is to me is giving yourself time to improve your well-being and self-awareness.  It is truly a blessing to be able to share the gift of yoga, and I am excited to teach and share a safe space with you all.


Chidimma Iheonu


I started practicing yoga over ten years ago and had no idea what I was getting into! After trying my first class, I immediately fell in love with it. The ability to challenge myself, while working at my own pace and without expectations was a breath of fresh air. I found yoga to be a continual practice of learning and growth while engaging with my body and mind. I decided to take the leap to teach, and hold certifications in Power/Vinyasa Yoga (200 hours), Yin Yoga (60 hours), and Sound Therapy/Healing. I love helping others find a practice that feels best for them in a fun, grounded, and relaxing way. I’ll see you on the mat!


Jennifer Ryan


In my quest to deal with stress, I began taking the practice of yoga seriously in 2018 and fell in love with how it made me feel. In 2021, I completed 200 hours of teacher training. As I immersed myself in the practice and philosophy of yoga, I realized that its holistic approach had the potential to alleviate stress and anxiety. In class, I attempt to weave together the elements of breath, movement, meditation, and mindfulness, encouraging students to foster a deeper connection with their inner selves, release stress from the body, and embrace a state of profound relaxation. I believe that by nurturing the seeds of tranquility within each individual, we can collectively cultivate a more peaceful and balanced world, one breath at a time.


Sara Ashworth


I am Sara, and I’m looking forward to sharing my yoga practice with you. I have had a lifelong love for healing through movement. I received my master's degree in movement therapy from UCLA in 1993. I continued on to become a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. I have taught yoga in yoga studios, fitness centers, and backyard patios. I am also certified in prenatal yoga and massage.  In my spare time, I spend time with my two boys, who are 20 and 22. I love going to the beach, hiking, and trying new restaurants


Angelina Dayfallah


Angelina has been teaching yoga since 2018. She teaches Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga for Trauma Healing, and Yin. Angelina always tries to bring mindfulness and good vibes, on and off the mat. She believes we share an energetic exchange with one another and strives to help cultivate a culture of  'loving awareness.'

Angelina is happy to serve as part of the staff at Kosha 5 Yoga Studio! She is a Holistic Life Coach focusing on helping her clients align with their soul's purpose and a certified conflict resolution Mediator.

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